Welcome to Epistemic Endeavors

School of Athens by Raphael

Thank you for visiting my website, Epistemic Endeavors, or for ease, E².

Most  people are familiar with this famous painting by Raphael.  More important than its stunning use of Renaissance characteristics and perspective, is the scene.  In ancient Greece, the seeking and acquiring of knowledge, epistemology, was an active pursuit in which most people engaged.

For millions of students in America today however, the concept of education has become a word polluted with corruption, bureaucracy, and boredom.  Despite the sad state of education in our country, and its desperate need for sound reform, there are many students who are hungry for more, and just as many parents who want to ensure their children are prepared for the challenges of a rapidly changing modern society.

Make yourself comfortable here, explore my philosophies about education and contact me with any questions you may have.  I will be glad to email you with additional resources and information.

Thanks for visiting.


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